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Remember that feeling of freedom you had on your first bike? Since a lot of the most respected adventure motorcycles on the market are essentially dirt-focused machines that have been re-jigged to accommodate for rider comfort and sensible road riding, we thought it would be nice to add something different: a road motorcycle that has been essentially modified for a bit of off-road exploration.

Heavily off-road biased, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R features more than just the 21 and 18 inch spoked front and rear wheels, and much more than the fully adjustable WP suspension package. The two-piece Cordura (or similar) textile suit adapts well to adventure riding, even if you don't look as cool as in a Rukka Allroad.

Don't confuse a gravel and adventure bike with an endurance road bike like the Cannondale Synapse or Saracen Avro. A rule of thumb that most riders will agree with is, if you frequent the rough stuff, the lighter the better. A smooth powerful bike is set up for taller riders over 5ft 10″ (hint get thicker soles on your boots if you cant flat foot on one side).

The idea of the bigger tyres and relaxed geometry that promotes extra comfort when the going gets rough and bumpy is very attractive given the generally poor state of repair of UK roads. We built it from scratch, drawing on many life times of riding, from 10 years of experience in our shops.

It's not particularly great off-road if you're not an experienced bush whacker. Long travel front suspension and an adjustable monoshock at the rear will give the XPulse decent off-road capability. From this essential starting point, we designed our motorcycle green laning double sweep roll: adventure bar, positioning the rider in a relaxed endurance oriented position.

After all, the most familiar machines in the category - BMW's top selling R1200GSA, Ducati's newly-enlarged enlarged Multistrada 1260, KTM's 1290 Super Adventure and even Britain's own 1200 Tiger - are exactly that: tall, heavy, imposing and, due to often being equipped with every electronic gizmo and accessory imaginable, pricey, too.

Ducati even claims that the new engine, which delivers 85% of its torque at under 3,500rpm, has the highest torque output of any bike in its class at 4,000rpm, a welcome change as we found the 1200 to be a bit sluggish from a rolling start when compared to, say, the BMW S1000XR.

A lot of off-road gear focuses more on breathability or the ability to wick away moisture. The expensive bikes tend to be heavier and more specialized, and their performance and weight are often intimidating for new adventure riders. A carbon fibre frame and fork keep the weight low and, as we'd expect from an adventure bike, the head angle is slacker than that of a road bike.

Travelled lots on klr 650 around australia, first bike 50 000ks of fun without any break downs. The more remote your planned adventure rides are going to be the more reliable you want the bike to be. Of course, the idea of riding a road bike across any sort of terrain, be it smoothly paved roads or rough and bumpy gravel tracks, woodland trails laced with roots or edge-of-field bridleways, is nothing new really.

But it is a heavy bike for the middle-weight class with not a lot of suspension travel and a 17″ front wheel. We are also able to provide hired riding gear at affordable rates, or we can help you with most new gear requirements, by prior arrangement. For a start, gravel and adventure bikes aren't simply rebranded cyclo-cross bikes.

Gravel and adventure bikes will have space for bigger tyres, but how big varies from brand to brand. It's worth taking a look at our roundup of endurance road bikes for examples of bikes that come close to a gravel and adventure bike. To help bring their bikes to more riders, the company is also targeting an update of the company web portal and new retail formats like smaller urban stores.

The Fact About Laura Lee's New Apology That No One Is Suggesting

As soon as an actor messes up, they generally have a team of emergency managers, and supervisors, agents to up them with handcrafted statements for their actions.

Much like break videos up, apology videos are a rite of passage to get YouTubers. Their apologies must be, since their articles is so personal. As content creators' internet histories that are offensive become exposed, apology videos are getting more and more prevalent. There is almost a formula You sob, you beg for forgiveness from your own fans apologize for whatever you did wrong, you sob a little more, and then wrap this up with a.

The most recent case of this tearsfest is Laura Lee, a beauty vlogger who was just shy of 5 million readers, but lost 200,000 after she was subjected for racist tweets.

In 2012 Lee tweeted,"tip for all black folks if you pull on ur pants up you can run out of the authorities faster."

After the vile tweet was dug up by lovers of the other rival beauty guru, Lee went silent. She deleted her older tweets, deactivated her Twitter account, and then came back with a lengthy Notes app apology to Twitter. In the announcement, she attributed the fact that she grew up as a"small town girl from Alabama" who lacked the"cultural education" she has now.

"I'm Laura Lee's New Apology so sorry. I'm so sorry for you guys," she whimpers, frequently stopping mid-sentence to sob to her palms. "It hurts me so bad to disappoint you who have supported me for several decades. I am aware that I am better than that person."

The four-minute movie was dragged to be (for lack of a better word) complete bullshit. 1 commenter called it"so amusing to see bc it's so pressured." Another joked that it was"proof that youtubers shouldn't be celebrities ."

Someone wrote imitation captions and people turned her to a meme on Twitter. It inspired parodies.

Hers is the only getting criticized the most, although laura Lee is part of a group of beauty gurus that apologized for their pasts that are problematic.

Crisis director Eden Gillott Bowe says there may not be a 1 size fits all way to state"I'm sorry," but there is a basic formula that most gets the point across. Much like Olivia Pope in Scandal, Conditions that are cluttered are fixed by Gillott Bowe.

"If you know you have done something wrong, you don't want to conceal it because the truth always finds a means of coming out," Gillott Bowe said over the phone. "So you only want to deal with it immediately"

Compare Lee's apology to the of another member of the attractiveness guru clique that broke apart Gabriel Zamora, over the last week.

The Unsung Heroes Of The Entertainment Industry

Film Production Management will tell you in step-by-step detail how to produce a screenplay and get it onto the big screen. Another characteristic which accelerates the team process is the isolation that is typical of the studio production process, and which Penn particularly insisted on during rehearsal week. By working on acquiring tight staffing, talent recruitment, expert technical crews, and by overseeing budgeting early on, a producer can greatly improve the quality of their production piece while reducing work load on themselves.

However, low-budget films are often the solution, offering the chance to move up the ladder on higher positions than you'd qualify for on a big-budget film. They also create schedules for production milestones, as well as determine potential improvements within the production process.

Production managers must ensure production team members work to reach all objectives in a timely manner. Business people negotiate every day, whether it is for themselves or their companies. He produced Jim Mickel's Director's Fortnight selection We Are What We Are, and he's the U.S. representative for Paris-based sales company Memento Films.

Bonus Tip: It's easier to get your movie to look good than sound good but bad sound is the tell-tale of low budget films. Their responsibilities include setting up controlling the spending, paperwork and liaising with the First Assistant Director to make sure the production schedule and departmental budgets are on target.

If you like keeping people on track, if you like making sure things get done, then the role of unit production manager might be for you. In other words, a team is assembled: crew members, technicians, directors, creative artists……. A business plan is a vital document for a production company.

If you're coming into the film industry as a career change then you should know your initial experiences are not going to be well paid as a runner, you will need to present a good case in your covering letter why you are changing career also. Most film schools strongly encourage internships within the film industry in order to develop technical skills and understand the ins-and-outs of film production.

Formal task-centered sessions such as orientations, briefings, planning meetings, and so on, give people a chance to develop a sense of their manager as a person, of his or her expectations and concepts of the project, of his or her ways of working. As the person managing the whole video production process, regardless of the size of your team, you need to be organized, with a clear plan for who needs to be doing what, and when and where they need to be doing it.

While budget forecasts are usually prepared long before filming begins, not everything will go to plan on set. Industry professionals, working in key roles on award-winning productions, will talk about their jobs and give practical insights and tips into how the industry works.

Negotiating: As the production manager, you have to negotiate deals and contracts all the time. Here is a look at both production management in the larger sense, and the tasks of a production manager. When a project is given the green light, the studio hires a team to ensure budgets are balanced and financial records are kept.

Make sure to include your production company name at the end of all your videos. A unit production manager must have a rock solid understanding of filmmaking. In fact, the production coordinator's job description is so wide and varied that they one of the few set positions with no union-mandated minimum.

While the prior two phases of video production management were more about meticulous planning and preparation, filming is the artful execution of your well-laid plans. He is a cinematographer with more than thirty years of experience in doing television documentaries and feature films.

5 Simple Techniques For Know Your Worth

Hi, my name is Jasmin Rhia and I am on a plan to prevent suicide and self harm among the youth. I just got back from females Rock Camp in Atlanta, a music therapy plan that shows women to love and better themselves through the strength of music and person affirmation. I was touched by the impact that it made on these girls. After returning to the community of mine right here in windermere, I was heartbroken to learn that one of the attendees from an earlier GRC had ended the life of her. Nowadays we are seeking donations of any level to be able to fund this project. Our goal is to reach 100k by Mid September, all around the start of the brand new school season. Time is of the heart, as each day there is a kid who's fighting with exactly how to vocalize as well as address mental medical issues which they may not even be aware Artists of Morality of! Please join us in stopping suicide and self-harm amongst the youth using the power of music! A share of this video will be greatly appreciated! We're additionally searching for partnerships so if you feel strongly about mental health awareness contact us today!

Danniel's Toy Chest

We went toy hunting at Target for My Little Pony The Movie Official Toys. This new Toy Hunting Rifle has a lot of great features we know you'll enjoy. Cat hunting instincts shouldn't be repressed or ignored. The last time we went to Hong Kong I never knew that there's another good toy store until I found in the airport's directory the Play N' Go store.

Plus, there is the added benefit of just as much, if not more, enjoyment for yourself as you watch your cat play with a toy. offers 493 toy hunting bow products. Bald eagles tend to pair up for life , and they share parenting duties: the male and the female take turns incubating the eggs, and they both feed their young.

So obviously adult bald eagles aren't really bald, either—their heads have bright white plumage that contrasts with their dark body feathers, giving them a "bald" look. It's important to address your cat's hunting urges without aggression. There are also other Disney toy stores in the park and they are Andy's Toy Box, Star Command Supplies, Emporium and the Main Street Cinema.

Jordan is on the hunt for extremely expensive toys for Dave Hill, a popular comedian, who's ready to spend thousands. Jordan travels to galaxies far, far away (ok, not that far - Florida), in hopes of stocking up on Star Wars figurines and replenishing his Star Trek action figure inventory.

While the treasure hunt (there were 800 tokens buried in a field, to be dug up and exchanged for a sex toy) formed the peg - so to speak - of the toy hunter event, the day was otherwise much like any summery festival: mud, music, beer tents and desperate queues for the Portaloos.

If you are visiting the Avenue of Stars along Tsim Sha Tsui, you can drop by Toys "R" Us in Harbour City which is just across the Clock Tower. When it comes to shopping from shoes, souvenirs, gadgets and toys; most can be found in the city of Mong Kok. Bald eagles are powerful symbols of America—but there's a whole lot more to these quirky birds.

Christmas Day - 2017 - Merry Christmas from the snowy Catskill Mountains, NY. Enjoy shopping from food, gadgets to toys while waiting for your flight schedule. Almost all kinds of toys are on display before entering the main store. You should not miss this Hot Toys Official Store in Hong Kong which is located at the 20th floor of Sino Centre.

Not too many toys that time since it's newly opened but let's wait and see as to more Marvel movies are on queue this year. Antique metal toys are highly desirable and collectible throughout the world. Bald eagles don't make that sound. Lead Toys: Lead toys had their heyday well into the 20th century.

And, by the way, my 7 year old son Juanito found a nickel yesterday when he took his detector out for the first time! Yes, bald eagles eat a lot of fish—but they don't always catch it themselves. Note: Some toys like Star Wars line are not displayed in only one area.

But young bald eagles have mostly brown heads. Other toys on the market release treats or food when your cat plays with them, which makes him work” for his food much like he would need to do if hunting in the wild. 4. BALD EAGLES USUALLY MATE FOR LIFE. This line of toys incorporates the RealMouse® sound with lights, which drives cats wild!

It seems too weird to be true: While flying, bald eagles sometimes grab each other's feet and spin while plummeting to the Earth. Jordan and his amateur toy-dealing friend Travis are in Massachusetts digging for high-priced and highly popular items to sell at Chicago's pop culture event, C2E2.

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